Non-contact process, flexible or fragile materials can be cut with a laser beam with great accuracy and will not be distorted in the cutting process;

  • laser cutting width is extremely thin (typically from 0.1 to 0.3 mm);
  • the cutting process is fully under computer control, it does not require reconfiguration of equipment for cutting components from different types of materials;
  • an area heated by the laser beam is very small and most of the heated material is removed in the cutting process, the heat-affected area is minimized and thermal distortion is virtually absent;
  • the laser cutting process is performed at a higher speed than other cutting methods;
  • minimal loss of material when cutting through the full computerization of the process, a small cutting width and the lack of mechanical action on the sheet.

The most popular material for laser treatment is acrylic. The laser beam allows you to get absolutely smooth, even and transparent end. This effect cannot be achieved by milling. Very many advertising designs cannot be implemented without the effect of a transparent end. Thus, laser cutting is an indispensable technology in advertising production. Laser cutting has a number of advantages in comparison with other cutting methods: the most economical cutting of the material, the ability to cut the contour of any complexity, processing of blanks of very small sizes. 

In addition to acrylic, laser cutters and engravers are widely used for processing wood and plywood, rubber, leather, foam, paper, cardboard. 

If you have a layout with elements of complex drawings of small sizes, then laser cutting is the best option for your project. 

Laser engraving is a non-contact method of curvilinear and rectilinear influence on a material by a laser.

A laser beam of very small thickness (tenths of a millimeter) burns the desired contour in the product and allows you to get any even the most complex patterns, details, blanks. When engraving, the laser beam creates a groove in the material of a given depth, allowing you to implement original design ideas or produce semi-finished products for further assembly of complex products.

When choosing a cutting material, the following features must be taken into account: laser cutting of acrylic (plexiglass) gives a high-quality smooth and even end (transparent “mirror” cut for transparent acrylic). On plexiglass, the advantage of Wattsan machines is particularly noticeable, namely a cleaner cut without notches and without fusing is due to a number of factors in the kinematics of the machine, namely: the type of belts, the type of belt reducers, laser lens and blowing, all these, when used correctly, allow you to get the highest quality cut without additional refinement.

 Laser cutting of cardboard, plywood, MDF, OSB leaves a dark end. How dark the end will be depends on the material that is used during cutting.

There are some nuances of cutting cast and extruded acrylic. The cutting edge after laser treatment will be slightly different for extruded acrylic and cast acrylic. For example, laser cutting of transparent cast acrylic gives a more milky cut than after cutting extruded transparent acrylic. In both cases, no additional mechanical treatment of the ends is required. With our laser equipment, you can cut various types of textiles, such as: cotton, silk, felt, linen, fleece, etc. Almost any drawing can be cut using a laser. Laser cutting of textiles seals the edges that avoids getting the effect of a “fringe”. In any case, we recommend you to make a test cut before starting the material cutting project.

This material is often used for various types of work: repair, reconstruction, construction of a new building. Naturally, the individual elements have to be adjusted to each other or at the place of installation. Therefore, you cannot do without such an operation as cutting. Any master knows how to do it. Plywood is easily processed, so such work does not cause any difficulties. But quite often the material is used not only for covering frames, leveling surfaces and the like. You can cut from the sheet the most intricate pattern that will decorate any element of the design. And all this is done with a conventional or electric jigsaw, although this work requires both experience and accuracy. To simplify this process, many companies offer services for cutting material using a laser machine for cutting plywood. Undoubtedly, this is a more effective method. Peculiarities of laser cutting and increased accuracy significantly reduce the amount of waste, which makes this method of working with the material cost-effective. Simplicity of performance. The possibility of cutting into any number of workpieces, regardless of the complexity of their configuration. High speed of operations. High quality of the finished sample. Subsequent grinding will not be necessary.
But in order to do this work, you need to have a laser machine for cutting plywood. The principle of its operation is as follows. Cutting of the material is carried out by a gas laser, with a constant blowing of the treated area, in order to eliminate the ignition of wood or significant charring of the edges. All process management is automated, and the work is carried out depending on the specified program.

First, even plywood sheets of the same grade are not the same. The production technology of this material has its own nuances.

Not to mention the thickness of the samples, it is also important what wood veneer peeling is made of, the average number of knots per 1 m2 and a number of other features. The choice of the mode of operation of the laser beam depends on this. Is it possible to take all this into account and set it up properly without having a lot of experience?

Secondly, the cost of assembling the device will not pay for itself. If you only need to decorate a specific building with openwork crafts made of plywood, you can contact a specialized workshop.

Third, such a device brings a good income, if the case is put “on stream”. But a professional, caring about the quality of products and speed of work, is unlikely to collect something like this from improvised means. There is a fairly large range of relevant units on sale, so you can easily choose the optimal model.
Conclusion: It is advisable to purchase a laser machine for cutting plywood for companies specializing in artistic processing of wood. If you need to make something “for home and family”, it is better to cut the patterns by hand (although it will be much longer) or contact specialists. Modern methods of processing plywood and wood allow you to create exclusive designs that are striking in their beauty and originality.

Laser cutting of plywood has opened up the possibility of making very complex design products. This can be a variety of grilles for decorating window openings, doors, inserts in furniture facades, elements of suspended ceilings, internal partitions. Such products from plywood will look harmoniously both in a home environment, and in an interior of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and clubs.
Laser cutting of plywood of different types of wood differs from each other in the temperature of the beam and the degree of blowing. 

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